Woman Gives Hilarious Glimpse Into What It’s Like To Be A Dog Groomer

This is Adeline Mahieu. She’s a dog groomer from Belgium.And sometimes her work can get a little hairy.Recently, Mahieu shared a behind-the-scenes look at what being a dog groomer entails.When one of her furriest clients, an adorable malamute named Ikito, came in for a cleaning, Mahieu decided to film part of the process — revealing just how messy things can quickly get.

While using an air blower to clear away Ikito’s shedding hair, it basically starts to snow.And even though much of that fur ends up covering Mahieu, she actually enjoys it, too.”It’s great, this avalanche of hair!” Mahieu told The Dodo. “I love receiving this kind of dog because seeing the hairs fly gives me the feeling of doing my job thoroughly, removing all the dead hair from the dog, letting their skin breathe as much as possible.”


Sure, being a dog groomer can get a tad messy at times — but Mahieu wouldn’t have it any other way.


“I love this job,” she said.


Source:The Dodo

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