Woman Leaves Husband So He Punishes Her Husky

Divorces can be messy things. It can bring out the ugly side of a person, and revenge can suddenly become a person’s whole focus.

But no matter how much you resent your ex or how much you wish to get even with them, there is absolutely no justification for abusing an animal in order to get back at the person you’re divorcing.

Unfortunately for one husky named Finn, he ended up becoming the target of an ex-husband’s resentment.

The poor husky had been caught in the middle of a couple’s divorce. When the couple split, Finn was stuck outside for two years with absolutely no shelter and barely any food or water. He was at the mercy of the ex-husband who was taking out his rage on the ex-wife’s dog by severely neglecting him.

Things were looking quite bleak for Finn as he wasted away, becoming practically a walking skeleton over the two years.

Luckily, intervention came in the form of the Pet Angels Rescue. They managed to free Finn from his hell. The dog was so relieved and so exhausted, that he slept the entire two-hour drive back to the shelter.


He was in for a long road to recovery as he was so badly emaciated. However, he showed a fighting spirit as he surprised everyone at the shelter.


The pooch was renamed Fonzie, and since his rescue, he has become a much happier and healthier version of himself.

He learned to trust people again, and soon, he was adopted into a loving, forever home.

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Posted by The Dodo on Monday, November 2, 2020

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