Woman Shares Before And After Pics Of Pitbull To Show Difference Adopting Makes

Shelter dogs need love too! All it takes is one little interaction with a certain dog before you fall in love. Some people say that shelter dogs know how to love even more because they know what it’s like to NOT have someone to love. Stories like this may just prove the point!

Meriah Jae was able to follow the process of her sister adopting a shelter dog.

Meriah, like any sister, was proud of her sibling for going out of her way to completely change the life of a shelter dog. Like many people adopting dogs, it wasn’t just the dog’s life who changed – our furry friends always change ours, too!

Wanting to make a collage to show off just how happy their new dog was, Meriah got to work on Twitter.

A good “before and after collage” is always awesome to see! Meriah put one together of the dog that her sister adopted and, as you can imagine, things went viral REALLY fast. Bragging about how her sister had changed the life of a sad pit bull, she posted some pics of the pup while he was in the shelter and while he was living his new life.

That’s some wild engagement! People loved seeing just how cute and loved the sweet boy was. It’s no wonder it went viral, either! Sometimes, we don’t want to see all the bad things the world has (and it’s always there for us to see nowadays). A cute picture of a dog is often what we need to see so we don’t go crazy on a Tuesday afternoon.

People flooded the tweet with their own cute observations or their own stories!
The pup is named Charlie and people gave recommendations on everything – from his chapped little nose to how adorable his smile was! His smile encouraged people to post their own stories of adoption and soon the Twitter thread took on an uplifting spin.

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