Workers Are Not Returning To The Office Because They Would Rather Be With Their Pets

2020 was the year that many of us found ourselves working from home. Even if we never had considered doing so before, the pandemic made the decision for us.

As a result of working from home, over 12 million households were reported to have adopted new pets. It was good for the humans and good for the animals, but times are changing.

Now that the world is starting to slowly get back to normal and people are leaving their confinement at home, those new pet owners are having to make a choice. They were able to stay home with their animal friends 24 hours a day, but they are now concerned about the possibility that those animals will be extremely lonely.

According to another survey, people were enjoying spending time with their animals while they worked and had less stress during that time.


As it turns out, 67% of those surveyed said they would look for another job if they could not work remotely. 78%, on the other hand, said they would stay at their current position if they could bring their pets to work.


If you’ve ever spent the day working with your beloved dog or cat by your side, you realize that they are the best companion for the office. Of course, not everybody is going to agree with you having your furry friend with you and some employers will not allow it.


Perhaps that is why people are now questioning whether they are going to go back to work in an environment where their pets are not invited.

In the end, it’s up to each individual to decide how they will handle the situation. Some employers may allow it to happen, but others may feel that it may not be for the benefit of everyone involved, even if it is for the benefit of the individual pet owner.

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