Your dog walks about 4 miles each night looking for food for the family.

Meet Lilika, a stray dog ​​abandoned in front of a landfill in one of the worst areas of So Paulo. Many homeless people and animals live here, including dogs, cats and chickens, united by their poverty and trying their best. Lilica is a great example of love and compassion, even though she is a pet.

Life is never easy for a stray dog, but she always makes sure her puppies and friends are fed. Each one runs 4 km. last night, lonely and dangerous roads made it to the home of animal lover Lucia Helena De Sousa, who provided her with a bag of food and then returned to the junkyard to bring food to the rest of the people. in her “family”: a dog, a cat, chickens and a mule – all with a grateful heart.

About animals Lucia first saw Lilica 3 years ago, when the dog was looking for food near the house. Lucia fed him and the dog returned every night. get rations They have established a normal routine: Lucia is making an extra portion for Lilica, and they will meet at 21:00. share hugs, caresses and a hot dinner.

She saw that Lilika was looking at a bag of food instead of eating everything in one night. Lucia closed the plastic bag, Lilica grabbed it and, as usual, left after a few seconds. Lucia followed the dog and found something that moved her: Lilica shared food with her family, even when she was hungry.

The bitch did this for three years, and even after adoption, she still returned every night to feed the other animals. He just wanted to make sure no one was starving. great story!

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