Stray Mama Dog Cries After One Of Her Puppies Is Stolen From Her

A homeless dog already lost a puppy and now, she’s desperately protecting her remaining young after one of them got separated.

Hope seemed bleak for this young pit bull mother. She gave birth on the streets, unprotected from people and the environment. Even if she wanted to ask for help, she doesn’t know how to.

She was only discovered when the neighborhood saw her carrying one of her puppies.
It was dangling lifelessly under her chin but she knew she had to get her child to someone who can help.

Stephanie, one of the people who saw the dog, called the rescuers and told them about the situation. The team immediately drove to the neighborhood and arrived at a spot beside Stephanie’s house.

Against the wall and dug in under a bush, the dog curled around her puppies with her back facing the rescuers.
The world had been harsh to her and she’d do anything to protect her young.

Even if the rescuers held good intentions, the dog quietly growled at them when they approached. The dog just doesn’t want to get her family hurt while the rescuers only wanted to help.

These are the moments where you wish you can make animals understand, especially when an animal needs all the help they could get.
Despite the cautious hostility, the rescuers managed to get her into a leash. They continued talking to the dog as they transferred her and the puppies into crates. Even if the dog can’t understand, the rescuers hope that their actions can make the young mother understand what they’re trying to do.

Source: YouTube Screenshot – Hope For Paws – Official Rescue Channel

They rushed her and her family to a nearby veterinarian and promised Stephanie that they’ll keep in touch.
Somehow, in the middle of the journey, the dog began to ease up. She responded to their calls but was still trailing close behind the crate containing her puppies.

She allowed the rescuers to clean her off, and she became extra comfortable when she realized that these humans gave her a warm towel to sleep on together with her kids.

Source: YouTube Screenshot – Hope For Paws – Official Rescue Channel

When they tried to get her attention, she was responding in curious friendliness – a far cry from her protective hostility before.
The rescuers decided to name her Jade, and her children were named after precious stones as well like Ruby, Topaz, Diamond, Amber, Amethyst, and Emerald.

But the night isn’t done yet. They noticed Jade still looked worried.
She and her puppies may be safe but she knows, somewhere out there, one of her puppies is looking for her.

The following morning, the team received a call from Stephanie.

Source: YouTube Screenshot – Hope For Paws – Official Rescue Channel

She admitted that she let her neighbor take one of the puppies.
The neighbor was confident that they could raise the puppy by themselves.

While Jade and her puppies were spending the night at the veterinarian, the missing puppy was crying all night. That’s when Stephanie’s neighbor realized they made a mistake.

Source: Facebook – Loreta

The rescuers got the puppy back and reunited it with Jade. To stick with the theme, the puppy was named Turquoise.

With the family now reunited, Jade can now finally wait in peace for someone who will give them a forever home.

Source: Facebook – Loreta

Eight weeks after, Jade and her kids are now ready to be adopted. They look happier and healthier now, and it was possible because of the efforts of the community and the people who helped her when she needed it the most.

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