Stray Puppies Searches For Someone To Give Him A Home

Many areas in the world are overwhelmed with stray puppies and dogs, and many of them end up on the streets as a result. It’s a sad reality, but many of the puppies born onto the streets end up living there for the rest of their lives.One little stray puppy decided he didn’t want that life for himself and he was going to do something about it.

He wandered into a busy street market in Northeast China and began searching for someone to give him a home.The little pup was crying for attention, and someone noticed him there all alone.Thankfully, the kind person called a rescue for help and followed the puppy around to make sure he stayed safe until rescuers arrived.

The little dog wandered all around, yelping for help and going up to strangers.Within a couple of hours from the time the puppy wandered into the busy area, a rescuer from the Northeast Animal Rescue arrived and was able to get the tiny puppy and offer him some love.They named the puppy Lion, and it wasn’t long before the little dog got what he wanted all along: A loving forever home to call his own.

Thanks to the rescue and the kind-hearted person who called them for help,


Lion won’t have to live his life as a stray on the streets. Instead, he can experience the love and family he deserves.

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