Tails Won’t Stop Wagging As Pit Bull Meets Her New Kitten Sibling

Interspecies friendships aren’t uncommon, but they are almost uniformly adorable.

Still, there are some friendships that are…unexpected.

Especially those depicted through popular media as arch-rivals. Cat and mouse, lion and hyena, dog and cat, and so on. These are rivalries that see them chasing and hurting each other through any means necessary.

So what’s a big American pit bull doing with a tiny kitten?
Licious is an American pit bull Terrier. Known as companion and family dogs, they’re known for being courageous and yet gentle.

The “bully” breeds have often been misunderstood to be dangerous and unpredictable.

Blame rampant misinformation and fear for that as these dogs are the very opposite of how society painted them to be. For example, they are very gentle and make for excellent companions with children.

So when mom decided to bring a kitten home, Licious had to adjust and get to know her new friend.

The kitten, already curious, immediately went for the big pooch. Those massive paws, broad head, and overall size should have intimidated the little one. But no!

Source: Pexels

The little one makes for Licious’ and her paws. She sniffs and touches the pit bull’s paws and feet trying to figure out how something so big could exist.

Licious doesn’t move a muscle and just looks at the kitten with a gentle stare.

Her owner then proceeds to ask, “What’s that kitty doing to ya, mama?”

The pretty pittie can’t contain herself any longer. She starts wagging her tail and looks like she’s ready to kiss her new friend!

Source: Pexels – stiv xyz

Licious begins to sniff and lick the little one and it is too cute!

It is always wonderful seeing animals get together. And this big dog seems to be moving from friendship to mom.

Her maternal instincts are kicking in as if the kitten was her own.
One viewer explained:

“The Pitbull is aware that all little pups and kittens need stimulation to have bowel movements, and that is why, by licking their bottoms, the little ones can survive.”

This lucky kitten made a friend and a mother in one go!

Source: YouTube – 1984missdaisy

There’s not even an ounce of fear from the little one as she continues to play with her new mom’s feet. It’s good to know this little goofball is in good hands. Or paws.

There are studies that show how cats and dogs are able to have strong bonds, and they show that certain breeds more than others are known to develop friendships with their feline counterparts.

With proper training and guidance, they can be inseparable.

There is so much licking and kissing going on that their human decided to step in and stop her.

Source: YouTube – 1984missdaisy

“Lish, enough with the licking! Lish, enough with the kisses!”

We’re willing to bet the kitten was fine with it.

The exchange is so adorable and unexpected.
Another viewer said,

“Excuse me lady!!!! There are NEVER enough kisses!”

Surely Licious and her new friend would agree. And it all happened in a minute or so!

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