Teen Makes Bow Ties For Rescue Dogs In The Hopes Of Finding Them A Permanent Home

On any given day, thousands upon thousands of dogs sit in shelters hoping that maybe, someone will give them a forever home. For those in no-kill facilities, there’s hope. But for the others, time is never on their side.

Although a lot of people like dogs, some have a genuine passion for them. Especially rescue animals that desperately need to find a permanent family that loves and cares for them. This applies to Darius Brown, an eighth-grader who has a second passion, as well … bow ties.

During a recent interview, Darius told a reporter that not only does he like wearing bow ties but he also loves to design them. So far, he’s come up with some pretty cool options. He then explained how he decided to use his bow tie passion for a worthy cause.

Darius also loves dogs and it breaks his heart to see so many of them passed by. He believes a lot of that has to do with how they look. So, he came up with a brilliant idea.

This fine young man decided to make bow ties for rescue dogs. That way, when people visited the animal shelter, the pups would stand out. He was determined to help as many as he could find a forever home.

He already loved dogs but his idea came to light after seeing neighborhoods destroyed by floods. As people fled their homes, animals were either left behind and picked up or the owners took them to a shelter. Before long, facilities were overrun with pups.

After putting bow ties on dogs living in overcrowded shelters, something magical seemed to happen. For one thing, the animals perked up, as if they knew they looked beyond adorable. For another thing, people did begin to notice them.

Making bow ties for rescue dogs isn’t just something Darius takes lightly. When asked how many he’s made so far, the reporter was taken back. According to Darius, he’s already sewn more than 1,000 of them.


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