The abandoned dog waited in one place for 4 years, until the family finally appeared

Dogs are undoubtedly some of the most loyal animals known to man. Having found their “one”, they will stay with them until the end. Unfortunately, many dogs are abandoned by their families. The many stories of how they have waited years for their owners to return are certainly proof of this trait,

but what happens when a dog, separated from its owner for a long time, finds company? New people she meets? Leo is a dog. from Thailand. It went viral due to its incredible history. According to Dog Thailand, the poor dog was accidentally abandoned by the owner somewhere near a local gas station about four years ago.

The dog never leaves his seat. Fortunately, Leo is never truly alone.Seeing wild dog fights, the locals decided to help. Saovalak, 45, took the poor puppy home after feeding him.

Source: Dog Thailand

However, Leo kept running away only to return to the old place next to her, she eventually left him, but still brought food regularly so that she did not have to worry about his death from starvation.

Source: Dog Thailand

Meanwhile, another local resident, Anuchit Uncharoen, also expressed concern about Leo and decided to post some pictures of the dog online in order to find his family. He mentioned that the dog was waiting for its owner at the same place. Installed in your new home. That’s when the internet works wonders.

Source: Dog Thailand

After posting on social media, the photos finally reached her hands. Alleged target: Leo’s missing family.

They eventually contacted Anuchit and told her that the dog in the photo looked like BonBon.They worried about the possibility of her being trapped outside in ice and snow.

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