The dog chooses his cake in the store: the next one that makes everyone cry

Dogs are known to do crazy but amazing things at the same time, and this adorable puppy was filmed on camera collecting his own cookies! However, this is not the most interesting part of this incredible adventure. Immediately after that, the animal does something.

At the beginning of the video, we see a cute and obedient dog named Brynn, obediently walking from the parking lot to the store, this black and white puppy is so well trained that it is still brought in. leash as she happily jumps through the automatic door. Once inside the store, Brynn sniffs her way into the “sweet” area of ​​the store: the dog candy room!

It is possible that the animal is interested in something because it wags its tail as if it had experienced this habit countless times before.

The dog immediately picks up a snack from the low shelf … This suggests that this store must have a “bond” with dogs, since the dog can easily get all the delicious cookies.

An object! After choosing a favorite food, the puppy very politely puts it right in the hand basket. What a beautiful dog!A couple and their dog lined up outside the booth, but no one prepared for what happened next …

Even the woman at the counter was surprised at what he did. Trust me, this is really fun … what a smart dog! This four-legged friend is too much fun to look at …

It’s a blessing to see him in action and his personality is right to worship this guy. Even other buyers couldn’t believe their eyes!

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