The dog, which could not get down the mountain, was rescued by its own rescue team.

The Wesdale Mountain Rescue Team intervened when they learned of the existence of Daisy, a dog who fell while walking and was unable to get down the mountain. Although they are accustomed to saving lives, they understand that Daisy needs help and are determined to do everything in their power.

The Weasdale rescue team said on Facebook, “Having team members at home with their pampered puppies, as well as our beloved search dog Jess, we know how painful she is. Both the animal and its owner can be Daisy and her person. climbed to the highest peak in England, Scafell Pike, and they were already descending when Daisy passed out.

Since the St. Bernard was rescued and recently adopted, it is understandable that he had potential health problems. this his family did not know. They can get instructions from local veterinarians on how to best take care of Daisy until rescue teams arrive with a stretcher to take her to safety.

Wasdale Mou said: “Daisy should be careful to present him so as not to hurt her further, and with one or two procedures, they can check her condition and give pain relief. The rescue team said: “Upon reaching the site, the team members carefully introduced themselves to Daisy so as not to cause further suffering, and with the help of one or two people, they were able to check their condition and give them pain medication.

As Daisy became more comfortable, the team came up with a better way to tie her to a stretcher designed for humans, not fangs.Finally, they were able to comfortably place Daisy on a stretcher and begin the journey back up the mountain after some manipulation and time to calm her down.

Wasdale Mountain Rescue commented: Very different from a typical adult evacuation, of course our bread and butter, and we’ve done this hundreds of times before. Daisy safely descended the mountain and her family was able to provide Daisy for her, now she is back home and she is doing well, and her family is glad that a whole team of rescuers came to her aid.

Everyone on the rescue team is relieved to know that Daisy is okay and now they know that in addition to saving people, they can also rescue dogs.

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