The German shepherd and the little ferret have the most unexpected friendships, and their photos are adorable

German Shepherd Nova and a ferret named Pakko have formed a beautiful, albeit unexpected, affection. and cunning. They are also very affectionate and crave attention. Luckily for Pakko, Nova gives him a lot of love and attention. She is a very loving dog and is very patient with her, even when she is a little naughty.

It is important to be careful when trying to keep the ferret and dog together, as the ferret can trigger the dog’s natural hunting instincts, however Pakko and Nova are used to this. Living with other animals when they first meet and become best friends after a few days. Now Pakko and Nova are completely inseparable.

They love to play together, explore together, and often hug each other for naps.They take on the world as a team, and it’s a pleasure to watch.

They have an Instagram account called nova_n_pacco where her mom posts beautiful pictures of their touching friendship.


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