The man buried in the snowy mountains rescue movie rescues him during training and he is adorable

We’ve read about people and shelters rescuing dogs, cats, and other animals, but it’s not always the other way around. Stories about dogs rescuing people are not very common, especially when they are filmed. This was not the case before.

A training video was recently tweeted by Mountain Rescue Search Dogs England and shows a view of him buried in the snow and being rescued by Mountain Rescue Search Dogs England. One of their trained dogs. Mountain Rescue Search Dogs England is a volunteer organization made up of mountain search and rescue dog trainers, search and rescue experts and rescue dogs.

Search dogs are trained to respond to human odors caused by wind or air current blowing in their direction, which means they don’t specifically track a missing person, but they respond to ANYONE.

The smell of someone they picked up.During the training exercise, the volunteer went a little deeper, buried himself in the snow and filmed the following video of Flo, one of his rescue dogs, doing everything possible to dig out and rescue the volunteers. , one of the volunteers, whom they named Dogsbody, was hiding deep in the snow with a camera.

In the video, you will see how the paws run from side to side, and after a few seconds the dog’s muzzle slowly moves forward. Digging with its paws and nose in the snow, the rescue dog cleared its way and ran to meet the volunteer. save.

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