The Most ‘Unwanted Dog’ In The UK Is Still Looking For A Home After 4 Years

If you happen to have a dog in your life, you realize exactly what they can mean to the family. Try as we might, we are never going to give them anywhere close to what they give us.

That is why it sometimes surprises us when we hear about a dog that has been waiting for a forever home for quite some time.

Sue not only fits into that category but she is also considered to be Britain’s most “unwanted dog.”

Sue was living on the streets in the Bath area when she was rescued. She came to the Cats and Dogs home owned by the RSPCA back in 2017.

Since that time, she has stuck around while 941 other animals have found their homes. It’s been four long years, yet Sue is still struggling to find a place to call home.


According to BBC, she said: “We believe that Sue’s colour may be putting people off. Previous research by the RSPCA has shown that brindle dogs take around 36 per cent longer to re-home than other colours.”

They also think that she was rather young when she came into the shelter but she has spent the majority of her life with them. It would be difficult for her to make a fresh start, so she really needs someone that will give her the TLC she deserves.

At first, Sue managed to find a home but unfortunately, it didn’t last. In 2018, she was sent out to a home but came back in 2019 after a change in circumstances.

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