The police rescue a stray dog ​​after a long night at work, take it to a medical center, and never leave it.

Karim Garibaldi, a Lakeland Police Department officer in Florida, was patrolling the city early Saturday morning when he nearly hit a puppy with his car. she went out into the street completely alone, without identification, and it was only a matter of time before someone accidentally knocked her down.

Garibaldi knew that he had to save her and quickly got out of the car, picked up an adorable dog, and Garibaldi hoped that the puppy would have a master somewhere to meet, but since the puppy does not have a collar, pants or any other clothes. identification. …

Finding them won’t be easy, but Garibaldi did everything he could: he walked around the neighborhood where the puppy was found, looking for those who remembered him. Garibaldi also posted a photo of the puppy on social media. in the hope that someone will recognize the puppy.

It seems that the puppy is lost and all alone in this world. Only she was no longer alone.Garibaldi is now next to the cubs, and a friendly police officer is ready to do his best for the young cubs. Immediately after completing his third 12-hour shift, Garibaldi took the puppy to the Florida SPCA Medical Center to ask Garibaldi, who was exhausted from his long and grueling shift, but needs a puppy above all else.

When Connie Johnson, the shelter’s safety net manager, arrived at work, she found Garibaldi and the puppy sleeping next to each other. salon from 8:45. at 12:00 while the puppy is examined by a veterinarian.

Meanwhile, the exhausted officer seized the opportunity to give his eyes some rest.

When examining the puppy, you can see that everything will be all right with him; she has ticks but is otherwise healthy. Returning from the exams, Garibaldi woke up and made sure that everything was all right with him.

Then the exhausted couple fell asleep.There, the dispatcher saw the dog, immediately fell in love with her and adopted her on the same day, the dog was named Nadezhda, and thanks to Garibaldi, she had a loving family and a safe and comfortable home.

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