The sick puppy went to great lengths to sit down and tell the mother that everything will be fine

Life on the street is brutal enough; stray animals suffer from hunger, lack of shelter and clean water, as well as the danger of oncoming traffic when they cross busy streets in search of food; it is tiresome and unforgiving; In many parts of the world, stray animals should not be kept at all, but many organizations, such as Animal Aid, do their best to help as many animals as possible.

The rescue team has received reports of a dog with severe mouth ulcers. for treatment, but her case was so extensive that she lost all of her hair, leaving her with secondary skin infections, parasites, and possibly fatal sunburn. Animal Aid sent volunteers to help the dog.

It was clear that she was hungry, but she was not going to be caught and carried away. Dogs aren’t just suspicious of humans.He has a good reason to be on the street; she is a young mother and her children depend on her; It took a lot of coaxing and a lot of treats for the dogs, but in the end the volunteer was able to get close enough for the mother to choose.

It’s time to find her cubs. One of my little ones looks fine, but the other, named Coco, is in bad shape. She also has scabies. His eyes don’t look good either. Volunteers raised the puppy and returned it to its mother. Together they will take the two dogs to the rescue center.Mom was taken to the examination table.

His poor body was covered in scabies. She needs antibiotic ointment and medicated baths every day. They hope that through diligence and proper nutrition, she will fully recover. Mom was very scared, but the medical team. ” Koko tried her best to calm down. Coco was then examined. The bear cub harassed the medical team. She was lethargic and underweight. They gave Coco a lot of security and love.


They put the ointment on the skin, she needs to take daily medicinal baths.Fortunately, the mother and child were able to stay together at the rescue center until they recovered. After the dogs have settled down, it’s time for their first meal.

Mom and Coco are not used to being locked in a crib or in contact with people for that matter. When the volunteer arrives with a large bowl of food, the dogs get a little nervous at first, but when the volunteer kneels down and shows them that he has only the best intentions (and a delicious bowl of food!),

The dogs come over and start eating. It warmed everyone’s heart. Although the dogs were safe, they were in a strange environment. Coco is so small and fragile that at every opportunity she cuddles against her mother.

sleeps in the body of the mother.This is a wonderful sight. Their relationship is so clear and so pure. After several weeks of diligent treatment, Coco and her mother’s condition improved dramatically. Coco even has the energy to play and it drives her mom crazy.

What happened next, and the volunteers were delighted. Coco watched her mother closely and imitated everything she did. If Mom scratches her ear, so does Coco.

If mom is itching, so is Coco. Koko did not take her eyes off him. from her mother and she is absolutely adorable. We are eternally grateful to Animal Aid and everything they do for the community.We understand that there are more wild dogs than they can handle, but they tried their best!

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