The spotted dachshund puppy is renowned for its unique markings.

Most of us have some kind of social media account, and most likely we’ll be following one or two of our favorite influencers. They are so cute and it’s always refreshing to see their adorable quirks in our feed if we’re having a bad day. Now, there is another pet you must watch out for to add to our list: the adorable Moo.

Moo, a spotted-bodied dachshund that creates the illusion of a Dalmatian. He has over 36,000 subscribers on the social network. He lives in Miami, Florida with his owner, Victoria Hoffman. She regularly posts amazing photos of the best of Mu’s life. What sets Mu apart from other dachshunds is the coat.

Its head is dark like that of other dachshunds, and its body is quite unique due to its eye pattern. This coloration is the result of white patches that appear on a pigmented background and are often widespread throughout the body.Owner Mu, 24, said he was often stopped by people who didn’t know if he was wearing a sweater,VT said.

He also said that the puppy receives many requests to be photographed every time he walks in public. While her taste buds get a lot of attention wherever she goes, Victoria said her personality is also unusual. According to Victoria,

Mu has several adorable little personalities, such as hiding toys in their seats, eating almonds or watermelons, and taking a nap under the bed with his back turned.

All her little quirks mean that Victoria has never been discouraged with her dog until now. She and her boyfriend caught up with him during their isolation and they have been very happy ever since.

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