It’s a lovely day today! We have a chance to meet once again another unexpected dynamic duo from the domestic animal kingdom and oh boy they do not disappoint. The big guy is the sweetest Golden Retriever – 2-year-old Samson. The little princess is a 4-months-old Scottish Fold by the name Cleo.

These two have another big brother, also a Golden Retriever called Calvin and together they share an Instagram Account with almost 100k followers. Their owners Lea and Eric Hendey from San Francisco, US, started posting pics on Instagram when they got Calvin and continued to archive their beautiful memories to this day.

Even though they have an incredible collection and fascinating blog where they share all of their tips and tricks especially on how to travel with your pets all around the world, they have been getting even more attention since the Samson and Cleo took over the spotlight.

“Samson is sweet and has a very good temperament so he immediately was sweet to the kitten and wanted to take care of her,” Lea said. Samson was in love with the kitten as soon as we got her. On the car ride home after picking her up, Cleo was crying and Samson cried with her because he was so worried for her.”

Make sure not to miss their incredible Instagram page where they share all of their international travels and adventures they take with all of their pets. It is a bliss to look at!

Also if you love these kinds of “unexpected animal duos” stories, check out heartwarming “Bearded Dragon and Cat” and “Meerkat and Chartreux BFFs.” 4-months-old Scottish Fold Cleo enjoying her view from atop of 2-year-old Samson “Samson was immediately was sweet to the kitten and wanted to take care of her.”

Samson has a very good temperament and acts more like a cat than a Golden Retriever She’s a Samson’s little princess. Together they travel all around the world with their big Golden Retriever brother – a 4-year-old Calvin “Samson also likes to lick Cleo’s face after she’s eaten so he can get some crumbs and clean her off and he loves watching her play.”

They love hiking together. They love each other so much and feel perfectly safe when they’re together!

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