These Baby Racoons are Being Raised by a Pittie

When Ashlyn’s humans were contacted by a local animal rescue centre, they were somewhat surprised by the request!Three baby racoons had wandered into someone’s garden after their mother died, and the rescue centre was looking for a foster family for the babies.

Being happy to help any animal, they readily agreed and welcomed the racoons into their home.

One of their initial concerns was how Ashlyn, their loving pittie, would react to racoons joining the family. But straight away, it was clear that they had absolutely nothing to worry about.

As soon as Ashlyn saw the racoons, she acted as if they were her puppies. Ashlyn mothers the racoons in every sense of the word, following them around, picking them up when they fall, and even cleaning them.

Having racoons in the house has been a wonderful experience for the family, but the best thing about it has definitely been Ashlyn’s incredible mothering skills.

Watching the video, you will struggle to understand why racoons are often regarded as dangerous and annoying pests by lots of people.

In the company of Ashlyn and her humans, the racoons are very much relaxed and sociable, and they certainly don’t live up to their reputation.

After teaching the racoons all the skills that they need to survive in the wild, the day will eventually come to release them back into the wild, so they can live as nature intended.

It will undoubtedly be a sad day for Ashlyn, who has nurtured and raised them as her own.

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