These Socks Are Made To Look Like You Have Chicken Legs

With all the bright colors and logos, socks have become an extremely popular way to express yourself. Well, one company has taken the idea of expressing yourself to the next level with their extremely popular and hilarious chicken leg socks. TheFound has blessed us with these beautiful socks just in time for Halloween.

I personally think they look hilarious (especially in the dark), but people are really liking these things:

1. We cannot stop laughing at the sheer accuracy.

2. Some people may be asking “why?” but we would much rather ask the more important question….”why not?”

3. This bird is totally confused.

4. These socks look the best when they are seen against a black background.

5. We wonder what the chickens think of these socks.

6. Not only are they stylish, but they are also super comfy.

7. This guy has given a new meaning to the term “chicken legs”.

8. Too bad they don’t make them for dogs.

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