This Dog And Bird Became Unlikely Best Friends

Just like humans, animals sometimes become friends with other animals that they would have never expected to have a connection with. If you never expected to see a Staffordshire bull terrier befriend a magpie bird, get ready to have your mind blown.

Peggy is a Staffordshire bull terrier, who made a new bestie with this magpie bird named Molly
From their YouTube channel Peggy and Molly, their owner posts adorable videos of the two doing all sorts of stuff together. This is one of those videos, and it will melt your heart when you see their connection.

At the beginning of the video, you can see the two fast at play as Peggy chases Molly around the house in a game of what seems to be like animal tag.

The endearing English Staffy even shares her bones with the bird.

After they chase each other around the house, the video changes to the two friends relaxing while they both nibble on the opposite sides of a bone.

Once they’re done with the bone, Peggy and Molly enjoy some sunshine together on the back patio of their house as their owner keeps the video rolling.

It’s obvious that the much smaller magpie is not scared of her pooch friend one bit.
One would think that the much bigger Peggy would be doing most of the chasing. but that’s not the case. Brave Molly also likes to be the one doing the chasing while they play.

At times, Molly even likes to completely steal Peggy’s treats which the dog doesn’t seem to mind one bit. The two friends even like to relax on the couch together.

They take turns laying on their sides to play dead when they’re having fun together, with Molly doing exactly what you usually see dogs do. Does Molly know she’s a bird? By the looks of it, we think not.

At the end of this video, it’s Peggy’s turn to steal the treat from Molly before they decide to call a truce and lie down together. The Youtube video’s caption describes their touching relationship saying:

“English Staffy Peggy loves her new best friend a magpie named Molly . These two unlikely friends play together with such genuine love for each other . Peggy will make up little games for Molly to play with her . These differences between them doesn’t stop them from accepting each other as they are . How we could learn soo much from animals”

It’s not just YouTube videos of these two, the unlikely friends even have their own Instagram

The two besties are making quite the name for themselves on social media, with their Instagram page @peggyandmolly already accumulating over 27,000 followers and thousands of likes on each post.

Their owner posts heartwarming photos of Peggy and Molly, that are attracting more and more people with their adorable nature. On their YouTube channel, they even have snuggle time together with Peggy sometime’s accidentally squishing her friend.

This may be one of the most unlikely friendships you’ll ever see, but that doesn’t make a difference to Peggy and Molly. They clearly have an extremely strong bond, and love to play with each other despite being entirely different species.

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