Timid Dog Can’t Stop Shaking After Being Dumped At A Shelter

It is absolutely heartbreaking the number of dogs who are in shelters waiting for a forever home. Sadly, there are so many animals who are surrendered to shelters and are unsure of what will come next.

As one TikToker pointed out in his video caption, “I can’t imagine what a dog may be thinking when they are surrendered to a shelter.”

Honestly, we can’t either. It must be a terrifying and anxiety-inducing experience to one day find yourself in a strange place behind bars with no idea of what will happen to you.

It is no wonder that so many dogs are scared when they’re brought into shelters. For the sweet little pooch, it must’ve been so confusing.

In fact, the poor dog was so scared he was shaking.

Joe Kay was the one that managed to capture the video of the little dog shaking in his cage. In his video caption, he wrote, “I’m grateful there are shelters like mine that help these dogs.”

In the heart-wrenching video, the timid little dog reaches out a hand to someone, showing that all he wants is to be loved.

It definitely is a video that would make anyone want to cry, but fortunately for the little pup, it had a happy ending.

Watch the TikTok below:


Did you need tissues to get through that? Let us know what you thought!

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