Tiniest Piglet Jumps Off A Truck And Saves Her Own Life

The couple had the most unusual excuse for being late at work and the excuse was about a pig that jumped down on the highway. It sounds like something that someone would blurt out unknowingly as that person makes up a last-second excuse for being late, but for this couple, this really happened to them.

One day, Hannah and her husband Justin were just driving home when something unexpected happened on the freeway.Hannah was shocked when her husband suddenly shouted “Pig!” while driving. She had no idea what was happening. The couple decided to pull off to the side, and they saw a small little piglet lying on the road. Although, they were still confused about how a piglet ended up there.

“We looked around and there were no animals around,” Hannah told The Dodo. “I think she was born on a truck and she jumped off a truck.”Since the piglet survived, they decided to take it home.If the piglet really jumped out of the truck, then it’s a huge miracle how this piglet was unhurt. Although, the couple noticed how scared the piglet was being left there. Hannah knew the piglet needed some attention and love to help her feel comfortable.

Hannah called her workplace and said, “I found a pig so I can’t come into work. I’m gonna be working at home.”

Source: YouTube – The Dodo

Immediately, the couple drove home so that they could nurse the little piglet. They fed it milk from a bottle and then piled some of their used clothes for the piglet to sleep. Your heart might skip a beat just by watching the piglet snore.

Source: YouTube – The Dodo

This piglet received a very warm welcome from Hannah’s other trusty companion.

The couple named the piglet Bubbles. It did not take long for Bubbles to adjust to her new life with Hannah. Maybe it’s also because Hannah’s Labrador, Chachi, helped her get through her fears and trauma by being her friend.

Source: YouTube – The Dodo

Even at the start, Bubbles showed no fear in Chachi, and that’s how Chachi also became interested in the small piglet. Hannah cannot help but be surprised at how fast the two clicked with each other. Bubbles would chase Chachi around the house, and she would even take a nap beside the huge dog.

She has a peculiar habit that she does for comfort.

Bubbles love playing out in the sun, and of course, the pets that happen after they go back home. However, there is one more thing that Bubbles likes – nestling her cute snout into any crevice.

Source: YouTube – The Dodo

When Hannah curls her hand in front of Bubbles, the piglet can’t help herself but press his snout into it. She also does the same thing on the crevice of Hannah’s neck.

The couple knew that there’s a better place for her than being with them.

Bubbles was growing fast, and it could be a problem for them if she grew too big. Hannah contacted different animal sanctuaries and they got one to respond to them. It’s a non-profit farm animals sanctuary called the Where Pigs Fly, and the place is more than perfect for Bubbles.

They brought the tiny piglet to the sanctuary, and they gladly welcomed them in. Bubbles is great at making friends so there was no problem with her trying to socialize with the other animals in the sanctuary.

Jumping down from the truck led to Bubble’s happy and carefree life.

Bubbles is lucky to have met these kind strangers who gladly took her home. Now that she’s grown big, she’s living the perfect life at the sanctuary. What could have happened if Bubbles didn’t jump that day? Surely, her life wouldn’t be where she is at now – happy and carefree.

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