Tiny Horse Lives Inside With His Family And Dog Friends

Most horses enjoy living with humans somewhat from afar. They may have a big pasture to roam in, and a barn to come back to, but even the barn is usually a little distance from the house.

However, for one six-week-old miniature horse named Peabody, all he knows is living up close and personal to his owners. In fact, his home isn’t outside at all. Instead, he lives in the house with the dogs and his humans!

Peabody tops in at just 19 pounds, which is less than my miniature goldendoodle. He’s so small, some believe that he’s the smallest horse in the world (for his age).

Sadly, Peabody’s mom rejected him due to his size and he had to be taken in by humans to survive. Thankfully, his human family didn’t give up on him and welcomed him into their home.

Peabody loves living inside the house and playing with the dogs that live there, too.

Animalkind Stories shared about the little horse in a video on Facebook, and it’s the cutest thing.

He seems to think he’s one of the dogs!


They said, “This teeny-tiny horse runs around like one of the house pets.”

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