Toddler Refuses To Go To Bed Until The Family’s Huskies Tuck Him In

As part of his bedtime ritual, Parker the toddler demands for his Huskies, Millie, and Rupert to tuck him in. Parker’s parents posted a video of his routine last September.

Huskies are typically very vocal dogs. For this reason, many families with children might not think that huskies are the optimal choice of a family pet. Noisy dogs and messy children just seem like the worst mix.

For one little boy, he cannot imagine sleeping without his two favorite huskies by his sides. Huskies can look intimidating, however, they are actually very child-friendly. They are like children themselves in the sense that they are not afraid to converse and are extremely playful.

According to their Instagram page, Parker lives with his loving parents in the North of England. He also has two adorable siblings called Millie and Rupert. Millie and Rupert are two huskies who love playing with Parker and spending time with him.

Parker usually sleeps surrounded by his two favorite pups, however, one night, Rupert did not join them. It was a normal night and Parker was snuggled into his bed just waiting for Rupert and Millie. Millie happily jumped onto the bed and laid down next to him, however, Rupert was nowhere to be seen.

Much to Parker’s dismay, Rupert was still downstairs. After some time, Rupert ran into Parker’s room and the little boy was finally able to calm down with his two friends by his sides.

Before sleeping though, Parker jumped off of his bed and gave Rupert a much-needed cuddle. The three of them decided that they wanted to play, rather than do something as boring as sleeping. Millie and Rupert were more than happy to frolic with Parker and they kept him company until he got sleepy.

After playtime, Parker got a bit thirsty and decided to drink his milk. This made him drowsy and eventually, he fell asleep. When Parker’s father came to check on him, he noticed Millie still sleeping by Parker’s side while Rupert had left again.

Shortly after the initial check, Parker’s father popped into his room again only to find Millie fully awake on the bed and admiring Parker. She was staring at him intently with her eyes soft and full of love. She then placed her paw around Parker and went back to sleep.

Millie and Rupert have been extremely kind to Parker and the trio is as close as can be. Families who have seen the videos of the family’s channel have declared their own needs to own huskies as well.

Millie and Rupert have gained countless fans across the globe. Many fans have commented on wishing that they had dogs like Millie and Rupert during their childhoods.

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