Toy Poodle Gets Haircut And It Completely Breaks His Cat Best Friend

Just look at the expression on this poor kittie’s face when his owner and pup sibling return home from the groomer.

The kitten looks absolutely shocked by the puppy’s new appearance. Not only that, but the kitten doesn’t even seem completely sure that this is the same puppy. Notice how he keeps petting the puppy as if asking “where did your fur go”?

Toy Poodles don’t have fur like most canines do. Poodles have hair. Actual hair like we have. And, super curly hair at that! This curly hair needs constant brushing, combing, clipping, and trimming. Toy Poodles, just like full-sized Poodles, are very high maintenance.

Many people assume that Poodles don’t shed. However, that is not correct. Although Poodles do shed, you won’t often find their hair lying on the ground. You may be wondering why that is.

It’s because their curly, adult hair actually traps or “catches” the hairs that shed. Then these 2 hairs will mingle together and cause mats and tangles if the dog is not continuously groomed.

Even the Toy Poodle puppy doesn’t seem very happy with his new summer haircut. Look at the way he just keeps glaring at his owner. He’s so incredulous as to what they’ve just done to him that he doesn’t even react to the cat swatting at and stroking him.

Poodles are not the only high-maintenance dogs. According to Dog Pack, the other breeds considered to be high-maintenance are Northern Inuit, Afghan Hound, Bedlington Terrier, Bichon Frise, Kerry Blue Terrier, Pekingese, Portuguese Water Dog, Puli, and Labradoodle.















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Poodles come in 3 sizes varieties: Standard, Miniature, and Toy. This video shows a Toy Poodle. They generally are about 10 inches tall, so not much bigger than a cat. Perhaps that is why this kitten is not afraid to pet this puppy.

Even though this kitten freaks out when he sees the Toy Poodle’s haircut, it is a sight he definitely needs to get used to since a Toy Poodle should get a haircut every six weeks.

We’ve all heard this saying before. When speaking in terms of children, a parent will often say “my son and daughter are fighting like cats and dogs.” In this sense, a parent is saying that their children are non-stop, fighting violently.

Source: Unsplash/AlecFavale

Contrary to the belief that dogs and cats will always fight, it is true that they can actually be friends. Generally, the biggest problem between them is that the dog wants to chase the cat.

With obedience training, a dog can quickly learn that this is unacceptable behavior. Once the dog comprehends this, it opens the door to a friendship being able to form.

With supervision, while the two are being introduced, a dog and cat can form a bond. After a few weeks of slow and consistent introductions, it will become obvious whether or not the cat and dog have become friends.

When you see a puppy and a kitten with a bond, like the ones in this video, it will make you smile. I hope that seeing this cat react to his Toy Poodle sibling’s summer haircut warms your heart.

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