Travelers find a dog missing for almost a month in an Australian national park

The Australian outback is unforgiving, so when some pedestrians stumbled upon a dog wrestling in a stone pond in Queensland, they knew they had to act quickly. Reddit user Dangerm0use was walking through Mount Glorious National Park with her husband and father when she discovered that the dog was tired.

Not knowing how long the dog had been in the water, where it came from or if it was friendly, they got to work. “No matter what, we couldn’t let him stay there. He was completely exhausted, trying to get out of the abyss into which he fell, and he could not survive in it. At night, ”the woman wrote.

Tie the rope around the head and shoulders and pull the dog to the rocky bank. “The bitch was not aggressive at all, but in fact was very shy, walked away from us, went ashore and hit the fat lantern by the pool.” talk. “We thought that if she was someone’s favorite, there is a chance that she will be abandoned or lost.

“She was in a completely hospitable overgrown bush, in a cliff-top gorge and a national park on one side, and on a rocky, dense bank on the other that led to the eastern highway. within a radius of at least 5 kilometers, and she had no obvious way to get out of the ravine on her own, ”he said.

We watched her plump ass disappear into the lantern, leaving us no choice but to wade after her. He tried to calm the dog down and let him recuperate. Getting this 88-pound dog out of the ravine won’t be just for reward. “She was very upset and obviously still worn out. I pulled the flashlight out of her socket. ” and little by little I moved closer, allowing her to get used to our presence.

I was still shy but not aggressive, so after a while I took the opportunity and scratched her head … and she rewarded me with a lick. hand, “pissing woman”. Although she was clearly staying there for at least a few days, we noticed that our little companion had definitely not missed Mass, so we named her Miss Piggy. We took a little more time to get to know Miss Piggy and began hatching a plan to eliminate her.

With the help of a strong rope and a few knots, they were able to make a harness and haul Miss Piggy out of the well over loose stones and brushes. “A dear girl, expressing her gratitude for our patience, came up to me and laid her head on my leg. I didn’t want to recognize her until now, but she let me know.

I went ahead to calm her down. – wrote the woman. “Obviously she won’t be able to get to the bench if we don’t carry her, so we gave her seat belt options and a hammock, using towels and ropes my husband came up with. One idea, remember, we have a large gym bag in our car (15 minutes walk up the stream).

I realized that if we could just put it in our pocket, MacGyver could collect something to carry the tarp to the big tree branch, the brother and father of the woman who pulled Miss Piggy out of the ravine and brought her back to safety. In just 30 minutes, it took a 3-meter vertical ascent to the next street.

About 15 km north of where the dog was found, the owner is still hoping for the best. , t. The real name of the dog disappeared on June 30 and was found on July 23.The travelers had no idea what he was doing at the time. “His condition is surprisingly good for a puppy who has been homeless for almost a month. We also do not know how he lives in such an isolated place in the bushes, with no signs of injury and only basic signs of exposure, ”he said.

the woman wrote. “We suggested that perhaps she was taken and then abandoned, or she found an impromptu home, but did not stay. Whatever history says, we’re glad we stayed. The right place at the right time to help her. Bobby’s owner constantly believes he’s coming home and has posted a massive ad campaign on Facebook and the surrounding area in hopes of finding a mate.

The couple were as happy to be reunited as so many others who followed the story. quickly went viral and has since been viewed over 500,000 times. Become your assistant, ”he wrote.

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