Two Chihuahuas Without Front Legs Get To Run For The First Time

A video captured the moment that two chihuahuas without front legs received prosthetic legs (or carts) that allowed them both to run for the first time in their lives.The video was shared on YouTube by Nat Geo WILD and features Thor and Turbo-Roo, two two-legged chihuahuas.

According to a GoFundMe shared by their owners, Ray and Ashley, Turbo-Roo was born without legs and they decided to adopt him. Five years later, Chihuahua Rescue Indiana came across Thor, a little chihuahua for sale on Craigslist. Thor did have all of his legs initially, but his front two legs were upside and twisted, making them unusable and painful.

Ashley and Ray decided to adopt Thor and give him the home that he deserved, but his quality of life was suffering from his twisted legs. They made the hard decision to have them amputated, and so they had two chihuahuas missing their front legs.

Thankfully, Derrick Campana from Bionic Pets was able to come to the rescue.

Derrick had Thor and Turbo-Roo fitted for prosthetic legs, or wheel carts, so they could experience walking on all “fours” and running for the first time.

They started by simply putting the carts onto the dogs in the house and allowing them to stand with them on. Once it seemed like they were comfortable, they went outside for their first walk.


In the video, Derrick explained that he had no expectations of how the dogs would do with their new “legs,” but he was still surprised at how easily they took to them!

Once outside, Thor immediately began spinning in circles and hopping around with his new wheels.


Turbo-Roo was a bit more reserved and wasn’t sure what to think. At first, he held really still – refusing to move with the wheels on. After a little bit of coaxing and encouragement, Turbo-Roo began to walk and really got comfortable with his wheels.


Having wheels or “legs” can greatly improve the life of a disabled dog. It can allow them to get the exercise and play they require, and can also improve certain conditions related to walking on two legs.


Some dogs refuse to wear carts or use prosthetics, but thankfully, these two dogs both accepted them and will reap the benefits for the rest of their lives.

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