Unusual and Rare Friendship Between a Dolphin and a Dog Melts Hearts

The photos of Gunner and Delta have melted the hearts of many since they were shared online and have been seen by more than 1.3 million people in just a week. Seeing one where Gunner licks Delta’s nose speaks of just how close these two are.

The caption under the incredible photos shared by a Twitter user Ken said, “sorry to interrupt, important news.” Honestly, people were glad such lovely photos and news interrupted their day.

What is interesting about this story is that Gunner and Delta have been friends for many years.

Photo: Twitter / Dolphin Research Center

Their photos weren’t taken during a single encounter, but the two meet quite often and have some fun time together.

Twitter account We Rate Dogs shared that this cute dog and his dolphin friend have known each other ever since Gunner was just an eight-week old pup. Today, he’s seven years old.

We can definitely learn from Gunner and Delta what true friendship is and follow their example which shows that accepting the differences at others can lead to great things in life and even give you a best friend for life.

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