Van Tosses Out Bundle Of ‘Trash’ But When It Starts Moving Teen Dodges Traffic To Save It

Abandoning an animal is terrible in itself, but tossing it out of a moving vehicle? It’s infuriating that some people have done that. Most of the time, they get away with it while the poor animal is left hurt.Fourteen-year-old Gavin Orlowski and his mother were driving through Interstate 196, Michigan on a Sunday to drive to a birthday party.

While on their way, they didn’t expect to see something that made them stop in the middle of the road.“I hear my mom…she’s driving, and I’m in the passenger seat and she’s like [gasp],” Orlowski said.It was a poor cat being thrown out of the van in front of the mother and son.The cat managed to hang on and so the teenager went out to get the cat.

The thrown cat managed to slip out of traffic and survived. Gavin however, knew thought that he needed to get the cat, and so he did without any hesitation. The boy bolted out of their car, not caring that they stopped traffic at I-196.He caught up with the cat, only this time, the poor feline was now “hanging off the over-bridge.” However, it just gave the boy more reason to save the cat. Gavin held up his hand and grabbed the cat just on time then took it to their car.

There’s no one reckless enough to do a thing like this, and we’re glad that this boy did.

Source: WZZM13

At that moment, the driver was already gone.

Gavin and his mother still tried to find the person responsible for throwing the cat off the highway, unfortunately, who knew how far that person had gotten after the incident.

Source: WZZM13

“It was gone, the truck just bolted out of there,” Orlowski said. “Why wouldn’t you just let a cat go, at least just let him go, not just throw him off a bridge.”

It’s hopeless to try and search for the culprit, but they knew that there’s plenty of ways to help the poor cat.

They got him checked at the veterinary and heard a series of relieving news.

Source: WZZM13

The family rushed him to BluePearl Animal Hospital as recommended by their friend. After the check-up was conducted, the doctor told them that there’s nothing wrong with him except the nails that were torn off after grasping on asphalt.

Source: WZZM13

They were already happy about this news, but soon after, they heard another one that put their hearts at ease. The receptionist walks in and says,

“Mrs. Brown we just received a phone call from one of your Facebook friends to cover, basically all of the bills,’” Orlowski shared.

Source: WZZM13

After hearing a series of good news, they decided to adopt the cat, and they also named him Lucky.
First, he managed to slip through traffic without suffering from any major injuries, the boy saved him just on time before he fell from the bridge, and finally, his rescuer eventually became his family and his life-long friend.

No wonder they named him Lucky. It was the perfect name for this odds-defying cat. Furthermore, his new family is more than lucky to have him.

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