Very Good Dog Sniffs Out Someone Who Needs His Help

They say a dog’s nose knows. And luckily for one pup named Louie, it was a fellow’s dog’s nose who ended up saving his life.While nine-month-old German Wirehaired Pointer Banjo was out for an adventure, he ended up being the hero that Louie needed at that moment.Banjo and his owner were enjoying some cross-country skiing close to their residence in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan in Canada.

Banjo had his nose to the ground when he picked up a scent.The Wirehaired Pointer took off in the direction of the smell. Banjo’s owner immediately knew that something must’ve piqued his dog’s interest so he followed Banjo closely.The pooch ended up leading him to a patch of ground that had something in it. As the two got closer, a small little head popped up and loosed at them. It was Louie!

Louie was scared and cold and had been on his own for a few days, so he didn’t let Banjo’s owner near him. Not wanting to leave the dog alone, the owner called animal control in order to get him some help.

When animal control arrived, they were able to capture Louie and finally alert his worried owner, Julia Neufeldt. Louie’s owner was overjoyed to learn that her pup was safe and had been rescued.

She had been searching for him in the snow for days but had no luck. Thanks to Banjo and his highly sensitive nose, Louie is safe and back home with the people who care for him.

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