Woman Feeds Stray Dog And Then Pup Returns To Her Each Day With A New Gift

When we’re young, we’re always reminded to say ‘thank you’ when someone gives us a gift or feeds us. As it turns out, it’s not just humans who have this ritual. A polite stray dog in Thailand uses gifts to show how much he appreciates the woman who feeds him.

The woman, Orawan Kaewla-iat, has been feeding the strays near her home for years.

She’ll put out bowls of rice for any hungry dog to snack on. One day, a dog she named Tua Plu and his mom began showing up at her house.

To Orawan’s surprise, before Tua Plu began eating, he always made sure to give her a present.
“When he’s hungry, he will offer something to get fed,” Orawan wrote on Facebook, as translated by Coconuts Bangkok. “Every day he shows up with an object in his mouth — usually a leaf and sometimes a piece of paper. Before you feed other dogs, you have to feed Tua Plu and his mom.”

Orawan shared a video of Tua Plu’s thoughtful gesture on Facebook.
In the video, Tua Plu carries a leaf down some stairs and places it in front of his bowl of rice. Once he’s sure Orawan has seen the gift, he tucks into the food.

The video of Tua Plu giving his sweet gift went viral in Thailand, and then it spread abroad.

Many people have asked Orawan about adopting the generous pup. But in the end, Orawan decided to take in Tua Plu herself.

Source: Orawan Kaewla-iat

Tua Plu is still as sweet as can be, and he still brings his adopted him gifts all the time.
Tua Plu still brings his adopted mom gifts whenever she feeds him. In return, Orawan provides him with tons of love. Orawan also still shares lots of photos and videos of Tua Plu on her Facebook page.

Source: Orawan Kaewla-iat via Facebook

Kindhearted Orawan has also helped many other dogs in need in her neighborhood. She shares photos of all the animals she helps on her Facebook page.

One day, Orawan took in a dog with an open wound on his back. Orawan took the dog to the vet to get stitches, and then she brought the dog home and nursed him back to health.

Orawan also looks after the stray cats in her neighborhood. This includes a ginger cat with a head wound.

We’re sure Tua Plu helps his mom take care of the other stray animals. He probably brings them gifts to help them feel better.

Tua Plu is a thoughtful and sweet dog who always knows how to show his gratitude. We’re so glad he found such a wonderful mom!

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