Woman Mistakenly Drops Dog Off At Office For Months Thinking It’s A Doggy Daycare

Whether we confuse meeting times or coffee orders, we are no strangers to mix-ups.
We’re only human, so at times we make mistakes. Walking into the wrong store is an inconvenience, but it’s a very honest mistake that many of us have probably made at one time or another. Embarrassingly, we usually right our wrongs by simply walking back out and into the correct store.

For several months on end, one dog mom consistently made a mistake that she’ll likely never forget, and it is just about the cutest mix-up ever.

She mistook an accounting office for doggy daycare.

Instead of dropping her dog off at the doggy daycare, she accidentally dropped her basset hound, Otis, off at the accounting office across the street, and the exchange went on for far too long.

This accounting office was luckily dog-friendly, so when one of the girls working in the main office saw this massive dog getting dropped off, she didn’t think much about it. As the only one in the office without a dog of her own, she was delighted to have a furry pal for the day.

The woman at the office assumed the dog belonged to one of her coworker’s friends.

Okay, this was an honest mistake. It’s a hysterical mistake, of course, but this could possibly happen to anyone in a rush.

The story doesn’t stop there.

When the woman came to pick up Otis from “daycare,” she asked the girl in the office how much she owed for the day. Hoping not to embarrass the woman, the worker at the office said $20.

As she wasn’t a dog owner herself, she wasn’t sure whether this amount was too high or not. The dog owner shockingly paid the $20 and went on her way. This couldn’t possibly happen again, right? Wrong.

This wasn’t a one-and-done ordeal.

The woman continued to drop Otis off at the office for several months, never realizing her mistake.


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