Woman Rides “The Most Handsome Horse In The World”

Meet the world’s most handsome horse, Frederik the Great.
Frederik the Great is a black Friesian Stallion that lives on the Pinnacle Friesians, a farm in the Ozark Mountains of Arkansas.

His owner, Stacy Nazario, was looking for the perfect Friesian Stallion and after a search lasting a year and a half she found Frederik the Great. She knew the first moment she laid eyes on Frederik that he was the perfect stallion she had been looking for.

Frederik the Great’s beauty won her over and the world quickly fell in love with him right after.

Friesian Stallions have a very long history.

Animal-World details their history, “The Friesian horse was developed in Friesland, a province in the northern Netherlands, and is thought to be descended from the primitive Forest Horse. Evidence suggests that the Friesian horse may have existed as far back as 1000 BC. In 55-120 AD, the Roman historian Tacitus noted the Friesian horse’s existence and found it a powerful and versatile horse.”

It was during the Roman Crusades and then the Spanish rule over the Netherlands that Friesian Stallions started being used by other countries. During this time Friesian Stallions started breeding with other horses, such as the Barb and Andalusian horses. This gave Friesians better range of movement and stamina. It was only a couple centuries later that the Friesian Stallions almost became extinct.

Source: YouTube

Luckily, the popularity of such a strong and beautiful horse rose again quickly before they became extinct. It took until 1974 for a Friesian Stallion to be brought back to American soil. Frederik the Great was brought to America, for Stacy Nazario, in 2006.

It only took months of Frederick the Great’s arrival for America to fall in love too.

Frederik the Great competed at the prestigious Woodside Dressage Expo months after arriving in America. Frederik the Great was awarded the title of Grand Champion. Since his first event win, Frederik’s popularity took off. The judges at these competitions highly remark of Frederik’s strong gait, willingness to please, and high intelligence.

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The judges might comment on professional aspects of Frederik the Great, but most of the world was captured by his majestic beauty.
Frederik the Great has his own website, Instagram, YouTube channel, and Facebook. Frederik’s Facebook page alone has over 100,000 followers. Once Stacy introduced her beloved Friesian Stallion to the world, he became an instant global sensation. He has been mentioned on multiple late-night talk shows and has been asked to be featured in movies.

Source: YouTube

People all over the world watch Frederik the Great’s YouTube videos, with over 24 million views combined.
The video below is a great introduction video to the beauty of Frederik the Great. The video begins with beautiful pictures of Frederik the Great and before you know it, it is video of him, completely free of any equipment or gear, running to his heart’s content. Frederik the Great’s beauty is highlighted as he runs. His jet-black coat shimmering in the sun.

Source: YouTube

The video further demonstrates Frederik the Great’s sporting ability as a rider joins him in his activities. The rider shows off, the above mentioned, strong gait that is so impressive. Watching such a beautiful animal is mesmerizing.

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