Woman Spots Clever Pup Ringing Doorbell Like A Human

While some dogs seem to have mastered the art of being sneaky by learning to slip away from home to go on solo adventures, getting back inside at the journey’s end is often the toughest part.

But not for this clever pup.

Recently, a passerby spotted something unusual taking place outside a house in Mato Grosso, Brazil. There, a big, floppy dog was seen lingering near the gated entrance, appearing to be all alone.

Was the pup lost? Hardly.

As the passerby looked on, the clever dog hopped up and rang the doorbell — just like a human.

Sure enough, the dog’s plan worked. Moments after ringing the doorbell, his family buzzed him back inside.

After the clip above went viral, news station G1 Globo caught up with the dog’s owner, Giglio Bernini.

Turns out, the pup’s name is Faísca — and he learned how to do this all on his own.


Bernini said that Faísca is known to sneak away from home when a gate to the yard is left open. But he always returns after a short time, signaling his arrival with the doorbell.

When it first started, the dog’s family couldn’t believe it.

“We couldn’t imagine it would be Faísca [ringing], because we never taught him that,” Bernini said, adding: “He’s a very smart dog.”

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