Woof, Wash, Repeat: Dog Bathing Supplies Every Owner Should Have

Apart from food and treats, another thing that owners shouldn’t scrimp on is dog bathing supplies as bathing regularly is integral for maintaining your fur baby’s overall health. There are a lot of options for pet hygiene essentials out in the market, but which ones would be ideal for your dog?

We’ve already given you a starter on grooming tools and accessories – now let’s focus a bit more on must-have bathing supplies and equipment that will make your dog enjoy every bath time!


non slip bathing mat for dogs

To help your pet avoid slipping and sliding as they bathe, a rubber bathing mat would be useful. This is inarguably one of the best dog grooming supplies you can ever have! This particular bathing mat has suction cups that let it attach firmly to your tub or any tiled surface, protecting both your dog and bathroom floor at the same time.



Bath brush for dogs

A bath brush would definitely be nice to have for your dog during bath time. This tool helps you lather up soap or shampoo, and also massages your dog’s coat for an extra soothing and relaxing experience. The Bodhi Dog Grooming Shampoo Brush has rubber tips that are not too abrasive for your dog’s skin but does its job of deeply cleaning your pet’s skin and hair.


shed shampoo for dogs

To ensure that your dog’s mane is cleared of dirt, bacteria, and nasty buildup, use a shampoo that gets rid of all unwanted residue minus the harsh chemicals that cause shedding. The Hartz Groomer’s Best Oatmeal Dog Shampoo thoroughly cleans your dog’s coat while also nourishing it. Its gentle and creamy formula soothes irritated skin – this shampoo is paraben-free and alcohol-free.


hydrating conditioner for dogs

After keeping dirt at bay, it’s time to condition that fur! A good pick would be the Burt’s Bees for Dogs Care Plus Natural Hydrating Conditioner. Using this every bath time keeps your dog’s coat thick, shiny, and strong for a longer time.


microfiber towel for dogs

Now is the time to make the shift to microfiber towels if you haven’t yet! Microfiber towels are highly absorbent, making it easier and quicker for you to dry your pet. The Frisco Microfiber Towel is lightweight but big enough to be used even on large dog breeds.


balm for nose and paws

Specialized balms are very helpful in keeping your dog’s nose and paws moisturized. If your pet has a dry and cracked nose or paws, apply a thin layer of Top Paw Nose & Paw Balm to give relief. This balm is enriched with vitamins and is unscented, making it a safe topical treatment for your dogs.

The dog bathing supplies we’ve mentioned above will surely help you keep your pup clean, healthy, happy, and parasite-free. But it’s also important to consider your dog’s specific needs if there are any, as these can call for other special products or equipment. Happy bath time!

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